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Allowing Email in Shipping Details

2 weeks 1 day ago #23090 by ImpactLogoWear
Allowing Email in Shipping Details was created by ImpactLogoWear
Allowing an email to be entered for the shipping to details. This would be very helpful when it comes to customers drop ships adding this email information to integrations such as shipstation to send over the shipping details to the shipping address email. This will allow the customer receiving the items to be notified with the tracking information.

If this can follow the same criteria as the phone number in this section that would be perfect. 
EX: phone number field is available to include in the shipping details section, phone number field transfers to integrated systems such as ship station. This field can be used or left blank if set up properly. 

The email filed is in the Customer field set ups. However, it is locked. Just unlock and allow the store to add or not just like other fields such as the phone number.

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