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Best way to handle grey-scale images in Online Designer?

1 year 7 months ago #18474 by tshirtist
I am a new user and i am trying to figure something out.

What is the best way to set up your designer so that a customer can upload a monochrome (grey scale) image and not have it get treated as a multi-color print? That is--if you have it set to automatically recognize the colors in a design, when you upload a B&W photo or drawing, even if the file is saved as grey-scale, the system will automatically try to set it to many "colors" as it will recognize every grey value as a different printing color. I asked tech support for advice, but the only thing they suggested was that I turn off the function that tracks the number of colors in the design, but the downside of that is that on one hand, it will ask the user to manually say how many colors are in *everything* including text added in the designer itself, but also that it does not track the number of colors in the design at all, meaning that a user can place an order with a bunch of colors in it but get a price for just a one-color print unless they are paying enough attention to actively and accurately set the number of colors in the design themselves.

Both of those options seem fraught with risks for losing customers who get frustrated. So I am looking for how people are handling this in the real world. How are people experiencing this?

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