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Production HELLLP!

5 months 2 weeks ago #22635 by Kemptshop37!
Production HELLLP! was created by Kemptshop37!
I'm looking for input to see how shops with in-house production deal with the online sites.  We have began offering the online stores recently and cannot figure out the best way to handle production.  We were under the impression that we had the ability to bulk/batch orders.  For example we have taken 60 orders on specific site made up of 137 items across 15 different garment styles.  Some get a left chest print and the others get a full front print.  I would love if there was a way to bulk/batch them into 1 production order that bulks each item by design(s)/placement).

  Another pain staking problem with this setup:  We placed a purchase order from our supplier along with other items from that same supplier.  We have to go into each order to see what they actually ordered to determine which order each item is for.  I know that I can look up the store(which is what appears to be the deco network definition of "batch"), see all purchased for that store and expand all orders to see what they ordered.  This is great for when we break the orders into individual orders for pickup or shipping, but not great for production.  We want to see that we have 12s, 14m, 17l, and 15xl of a style with a full front print and 3m, 4l, and 7xl with a left chest print.  I think that I may be missing something(hopefully but hopefully not because I have been looking way too hard), otherwise this appears to be a huge hole in the production feature of this software.

I think that we should have the ability to truely batch the orders into 1 production order such as:  When running a batch/search, have a button that converts the group of orders into 1 order for production just as if I took 1 order from the customer/store.  This whole store would appear in the orders overview as 1 production order, with the individual orders in a tab such as "campaign order" or in fufillment/shipping.
This should possibly be(option? in settings) automatic with campaign stores just after the store closes and also have the ability to batch any orders from the same store and possibly any orders using the same artwork.

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