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Receiving by order/Order Drop Down in Receiving

8 months 1 day ago #22777 by Kemptshop37!
Hello,  We would like to see an option in receiving that would allow us to receive by order.  We normally bulk order through our supplier.  It is much easier most of the time to receive by each individual order.

Secondly, we would like to see the store name populated in the drop down within the receiving screen for customers ordering within one of our online stores.  Currently for any store, it shows the Order# and the customer's name.  We don't need to know the persons name for the most part at any point until they pick up/ship.  We currently have to go into the actual order to view which store the person purchased from in order to separate the orders for production.

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8 months 1 day ago #22783 by gregp
Question , 

Are your purchase orders created individually for each order.?
You can raise Purchase orders for each order instead of consolidated, is that your workflow?

You can recieve for each order as well , by finding the order within order list ( or overview), click on production tab ( or just expand within overview) and click the received column for corresponding order.
Here you can quicklink to receiving for that order.

In 8.503 we have added more store information against the PO , ad enabled PO's to be batch created for stores.. is this also what you are after?


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8 months 17 hours ago #22784 by Sewsublime
Replied by Sewsublime on topic Receiving by order/Order Drop Down in Receiving
I totally agree with this one and have mentioned this before, it just needs a filter to view only items by individual customers/order numbers on the receive screen to make it easier to consolidate orders.

Also please can there be a way to get the sizing in the correct order, I assume it does it alphabetically against the size or SKU and not by the order the product sizes are set up.

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8 months 15 hours ago #22785 by Kemptshop37!
Replied by Kemptshop37! on topic Receiving by order/Order Drop Down in Receiving

Hello Greg,

Thanks for the response.   We have figured out that for our online stores, we will have to wait until the store is closed to create 1 purchase order for the store.    This however makes it harder to order for our consolidated orders.  The reason being is that when we go to purchase orders to raise a purchase order, we only have the option to raise a purchase order from the vendors, not a way to deselect certain customers or stores from the consolidated purchasing.  Normally, I would like to order as we go and put the items in the box(s) marked for that customer.  Ordering as we go helps with our minimum order to receive free shipping as well as helps guarantee items being in stock.  The longer we wait to order, the better the chance that things may be out of stock.

I am referring more to consolidated purchase orders where we may order for 20 different customers on one purchase order.  We would like the receiving per order to be just like the basic receiving screen, just broken down into the individual store/customer.  For instance, if I ordered for 20 different customers on 1 PO, I want the ability to select the drop down to view just the receiving for that store/order thus, I can count in the 10s, 10m, and 10 large black G200's  and 3s, 3m, and 3l G185's for said customer, box them for later production and then move on to the next order.  This is how we currently breakdown orders coming in from our suppliers.  In the current process, the customer may have items on line 1 , line12 and line 32 for instance making the receiving process more work than it needs to be.  In the order list/overview receiving that you mentioned, it breaks each individual order down by the purchaser and not the totals for each item.  We definatley need to know the totals.  We currently have this ability in our current system that we are transitioning over from and would be willing to share my screen in order to explain this in more detail.  Feel free to hit me up, I think it would shed some better light on what I am referring to.

Lastly, any input on making the drop down list the store name rather than the person purchasing.  We would still have to go into each order to see what the order is for.  

Have a great day,

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2 months 4 weeks ago #23079 by MFlint
I know you can quicklink to receive in the PO for the order, but I think what he was meaning and what I would find EXTREMELY helpful is if while you are receiving on a PO when you quicklink to the order the items correspond with, that you be able to actually receive the items inside of that order, instead of having to link back to the PO. Reason being your breaking down the PO into individual orders and if I am working on one already, it's just easier to stay within that order and receive it completely. Or even to have a feature within the PO that groups items together by the order, and drop down feature for specific orders, versus me clicking through each line to figure out which ones are which.

A second add on to that would be to have an easier way to identify whether or not I have fulfilled my order, or if I am waiting on pieces either from a different supplier or items on a longer ship date. Unless I am missing that feature somewhere. It just seems the ways I can see this information, is going against the functionality and effectiveness of the operation.


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