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workflow help

10 months 1 week ago #23104 by sgarofalo
workflow help was created by sgarofalo
We are a small shop and have some issues with the workflow.  
We open a team store which has decorated products.  We provide the options to add name, number etc.  (4) different variables.  These are all created with custom fields.  -  It would be great to be able to pull this information in a csv export. As well the ability to have true variables at the store level.  We are having to duplicate products to have custom fields for each store that requires different options. 
It would be great to be able to at the store level at the options like Name - location - cost for that addition. 

Next 100+ individual orders come in and store closes (that's the easy part). 
Po system add batch store create PO - 1. issue we found is if we have items in stock the system correctly pulls those items out of the PO but I can't find anywhere where it tells us that.  So we have missed orders because we didn't realize the there was stock to use.  ( I wish there was a column in the PO that has stock items "From Stock").  

We receive stock and the PO goes to production.  --> now here is our problem.  We have tried to use Printing invoices to organize the orders to see which item required which variable etc.  You can only print 50 orders at a time and it duplicates orders when you move to the next page. So you are printing duplicate orders and may not know until its too late. 
We tried worksheets - and they seem to work better but they don't show an end to the specific order (so great to produce but it makes it so we have to take an extra step to sort the order after production.  ( if the customer orders 2 or more items). 
Dealing with variables(custom fields) are extremely difficult and time-consuming.  Wondering if there is a better way to deal with these orders because we are small 100-200 orders per store.  It worries me if we had multiple stores with that. 
Lastly - packing slip - for us it feels like there are so many clicks to get to a packing slip.  We think this could be a great way to sort the orders but don't want to go through each one to print.

There are only three of us and we do all the roles (sales, production, etc) and we think we are missing something or misusing the system somehow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

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