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3 years 3 months ago #18009 by brianrudie
DECO DOWN ! 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE was created by brianrudie
What is going on? I have staff sitting around doing nothing due to a error , your support is also down, customers calling and staff struggling to make quote, this sucks guys

How can you cut service in a prime time?

I put up with your software bugs daily and only report 2% of what I experience but this tops the lot

I have tried contacting your support and get the same error but your main site is still up for business, no warnings nothing, this is really bad for business guys.

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.


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3 years 3 months ago #18016 by adamp
Replied by adamp on topic DECO DOWN ! 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
Hi everyone,

you all have my sincere apologies for the outtage which occurred approximately 14 hours ago. A series of faults worked together to prevent automatic failover of a database server to a standby node.

Although services were interrupted for a short time, no data loss or leakage occurred and an investigation is under way to prevent a repeat of the incident. Technicians were aware of the issue inside 60 seconds of it happenning and a maximum allocation of resources took place to fix the fault shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately at first glance our uptime over the last 12 months may have just slipped below 99.999% to roughly 99.996% but the jury is out until the numbers come back.

Once again, apologies for the outtage and thank you for your patience.

Happy Decorating!
Adam Pentland - CEO
:deco: www.DecoNetwork.com

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