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Interesting use of multiple web platforms. https://mycustomtees.com.au/

1 year 8 months ago #22287 by BDDmotivated

I have been using Deconetwork for 1.5years now and am working on a major website overhaul, I am running into an issue where many features I would like to include in my site are not possible within the deconetwork platform.  This is not my site but I came across the website for  https://mycustomtees.com.au/     / https://mycustomtshirts.com.au/   and was really impressed. They seem to have been able to bypass many of the limitations of Deconetwork by using two different websites/platforms that tranisition customers back and forth as needed.

The initial landing page mycustomtees is not built on the Deconetwork platform, and is primarily for marking purposes.  When certain sections of the site are selected it transitions you to mycustomtshirts.com/au which is built on the Deconetwork Platform. 

Is anyone else using successfuly using multiple platforms to accomplish your site goals in conjunction with Deconetwork?

Thank you!

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1 year 8 months ago #22296 by Rajpoot
Hi Martin,

Deconetwork Version 8 Introduced
( https://help.deconetwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002700173 )
-- Order Management API
-- Purchase Order Management API
-- Product Management API
-- Inventory Management API
-- External Shopping Cart Integration

https://mycustomtshirts.com.au   to https://mycustomtees.com.au/   Integration done  via the DN8 External Shopping Cart and API'S.

If you are looking for someone to make it happened for you. Please send me Private Message. I'm Software Engineer with   Deconetwork and Wordpress 2 years Experience.

Looking for your kind response.

Muzammal Rajpoot

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