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SEO implications of using my own website with a link to my store.

4 years 4 months ago #15755 by Vital Mojo
Please pardon the intrusions as I realise this site for for the primary users of Deconetwork, but I can't seem to find help/advise for setting up my store from a printer using Deconetwork.

Please help a newbie. I am a third party user trying to set up my store (Vital Mojo through Thread Cred in Australia). I can't seem to find a guide more related to third party users. I am trying to find out the implications (esp SEO) if I have my own website and just have a link to my store. I want my own base website so I can also get active with blogging and other pages. I note Deconetwork has a guide titled "How to link DecoNetwork with my current website" aimed at the printers/embroiderers using DecoNetwork but I guess my question is the same.

If I have my own website and have a link/tab to my Thread Cred store, will I lose any benefit of SEO on one or both sites? Thanks for help - getting keen to go live and need an answer please.

Cheers, Mojo Maz - Australia
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4 years 4 months ago #15756 by brenden
Hi Mojo,

Welcome to DecoNetwork!

Well, it really depends on your business but just consider they are two separates sites. As long as you focus on one and optimize it well so it ranks high and then make it easy for your clients to get to the other side it shouldn't be a problem. Of course 1 one is better (half the work) but as a tip I'd try to use the same domain name. So, for example, if your website URL was www.mojomaz.com then I would try to setup a subdomain for your shop like shop.mojomaz.com so it feels like it's the one site and will be more comfortable for your users.

Managing two websites could mean your splitting your Google juice but it really depends on what your sites will be, and if your shop site is just to checkout but your other site is your full, content rich site to bring in the punters.



Senior Product Manager
Wilcom - Sydney, Australia

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4 years 4 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #15759 by Vital Mojo
Hi again Brenden,

Thanks for the response.

1) So without using a programmer, are there any other ways to incorporate my DN store (3rd party) into my website (inmotion hosting, wordpress with Boldgrid overlay) that would be a better solution long term? I saw the DN website talks about some APIs but a quick glance didn't seem to be what I was looking for.

2) Is it actually possible to incorporate the DN store fully into my website so all SEO benefits are central and what is involved? I am only starting out so hoping to get live and active, get feedback and then look at spending extra $$ on a programmer if this is what is needed.

3) If I needed the programmer for integration, what is the likely cost and can you recommend someone who knows DN - I am in South Australia? And what would you advise with set up now to still be able to enable this down the track if I can't do straight away?

I am trying to get up and running first but don't want to make set up decisions that I regret down the track.

So if I go the KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach to get up and running having my main website and a link to the store:

4) Is the subdomain approach better than the auto generated store name from Thread Cred in terms of linking in?

5) Moz mentions that a sub domain is less desirable than a sub folder. Is there any way to add the store to sub folder?

6) If I keep the two separate and link:
a) Should I have two home pages and tabs - one on vitalmojo.com.au and one on (currently) vitalmojo.custom-gear.com.au/ with the same text/info or should I only have one home page on the main website? (I have been reading that Google doesn't like copying the same text)
b) Should I have a tab heading and link in the store - "Website Home" that links back to the website home page?
c) Where should I have the About tab and FAQ's?
d) When I start the blog (main website) should I also have a tab link in the store back to the blog?

7) Should I focus SEO etc on the main website or also include keywords in titles/descriptions etc in the store (do I end up competing against myself?)

8) What about Facebook links and newsletter sign ups - main or both? I note that the DN store can collect emails. Also the DN newsletter only allows email while I am trying to get first name and interest (my designs have 3 subcategories and I wondered if being able to separate the emails enabled me to send out more targetted emails down the track)

I really appreciate your help and am hoping you might find time to get back to me today if at all possible - pretty please?


Mojo Maz

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3 years 11 months ago #16492 by PhilRigby
I too am curious about answers to your questions.....

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3 years 11 months ago #16493 by brenden

Sorry for the delay in reply. Never saw this post come through the stream.

Some replies to your points:

1. DecoNetwork is a website platform in itself. You can if you like have your website built on another platform like WordPress, etc and link to the online designer in DecoNetwork to load the product in the designer. To send the order back to your websites shopping cart you should use the External Checkout Integration API which you can find here: www.deconetwork.com/support/integration/...kout-integration-api However, this will require a developer to develop the integration into your own shopping cart. Otherwise, I would use DecoNetwork as your platform in which case there is no custom programming or development require.

2. This is quite a broad question but in general you will need to use the shopping cart integration doc above and load the designer in some form of iFrame or popup. Both not recommended, as again you'll be paying for two post (DN and your other website) plus managing two solutions.

3. We don't offer custom development at DecoNetwork so you would need to source a local developer in your area who more than likely knows the shopping card or website solution you use, and will simply use our API to integrate with DecoNetwork. The KISS approach would be to build your website on DecoNetwork.

4. Thread Cred is a DecoNetwork client so they use their own domain name. You would use your own domain name on your site which is better for you as you own the domain name and brand / identity related to it.

5. We don't support subfolders.

6. I would contact an SEO company for advice on the best way to structure your site and content. My personal preference is to just have one site. No matter what linking you do Google will still consider them two separate sites. Personally I prefer top menus are clean and kept to what customers want to know. i.e. customers would be looking for your products to buy so that should take preference. And I feel items like 'About us' etc are probably best retained in the footer to reduce the number of distractions.

7. Again I am not an SEO expert so best to consult with someone who is. But I do know a single site is much better than managing two sites.


Senior Product Manager
Wilcom - Sydney, Australia

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3 years 6 months ago #17539 by ayazaki

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