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Responsive Website Themes / Designer

Obviously we want to see the responsive themes. I understand this is probably a project that is already happening. but maybe the voting system will help push it along. 

This may be in the works with the "overhaul designer project". I would like to see touchscreen ability with the designer. Touch to select objects, pinch and stretch to resize, and other basic touchscreen funtions to make the designer much more user friendly on touchscreen devices.

The current deconetwork website design is behind the times, not compliant with digital marketing and hinders business growth.



** Implemented in V8!

By pete on 26 August 2014 Implemented!

Combine products with the same design for price table discounts

You should have the option to combine different items for a price table quantity discount as long as they have the same design. If a customer orders 24 navy tees and 24 long sleeve navy tees we should be able to choose if we want to price that as 48 pieces or leave it at 2 x24 pieces.

This already works for screen printing when re-using a screen and we would like the same for embroidery. So if you upload a design on one polo shirt and 9 Jumpers all embroideries are done at the same rate instead of having to change the prices.

This is a pain, quantities should accumulate where the same design is being used throughout an order. Please, a little commercial sense. Bump this one up the development list, It's been asked for for years now.

By Paul Costanzo on 30 October 2014 Submitted

More process modules (vinyl, transfer, engraving, etc)

More modules for other processes like laser engraving, etc.

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Accepted!

Undo and Redo in Designer

Undo and Redo capabilities in the designer

It would be nice if the designer had an undo button so while designing a shirt you could go one or multiple steps back from designing the product.



* Implemented in 8.001 !!!

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Implemented!

ShipStation Integration

SHIPSTATION - SHIPSTATION - SHIPSTATION! Wouldn't it be great to have DecoNetwork integrated with ShipStation?? Vote YES and send a message to DecoNetwork that we need this! If you are a ShipStation user let DecoNetwork know there is a need for this integration and how the enhancement will help our productivity and labor costs (so we don't have to upload spreadsheets from DecoNetwork and add tracking numbers manually back to DecoNetwork). If you are not a ShipStation customer, check it out and come back to vote for this idea. It has changed the way we are able to ship products using a variety of carriers. 

By Jann Middo on 02 March 2016 Implemented!

True White Label

I would like the ability to remove all the Deconetwork logos, even in the back end of my affiliates. My customers (who do not own printing equipment) do not need to know who we use for our platform. It doesn't benifit deconetwork to advertise to my customers who do not have the means to use the deco platform without printing equipment. 

By pete on 24 October 2014 Implemented!

Free Pre-Loaded High Quality Art

The front end of the designer should have more (Free) pre-loaded high quality art available to all DN users.  This would help many DN users become more successful.

I do not have the time or people power capacity to produce all of the HIGH QUALITY artwork required to be competitve, nor do I have the $ to pay for it as a start-up company.

This should just be a part of the base software offering (included in the $ montly fee), as it is for other software that is offered by the competition of DN.

This is a critical selling feature of the designer, which should mean setting up all DN users for success.

I think that totally re-engineering this design offering and category approach is critical.

To put it very simply -

If someone were to shop at my store hosted by DN and shop at a store hosted by DN competition - that person would more than likely purchase a product from the competitors site based on the quality of designs available.


By Jon Dreher on 30 August 2014 Implemented!

Company Accounts with multiple linked customers

We really need an easy way to link people from the same company together! 

We have multiple contacts within some companies, shared designs, accounts etc. 

Would be great when you can add multiple customers to 1 company / account since we are dealing with bigger company's with different sales people who are doing business with us. So when a email is being sent that an order is produced can be sent to not 1 but more email addresses so the corresponding sales member to that certain production order is notified directly instead that he needs to hear that from the contact person who is attached to the business hub customer account.

Would it be possible to make provision for adding more than one email address when adding a customer to the system as many of our clients have multiple email addresses?

By Richard Mattinson on 09 December 2016 Implemented!

Fundraiser (Booster campaign)

I would like to see the fundraiser option. I believe this option should be avaible on the fulfillment domain and affiliate domain. 

Product Design

Client designs product. 


Client choose markup on wholesale price, then choose how many they would like to sell. An estimator then would tell them what they can expect to earn if they reach their goal.

Information About Campaign / launch

Client then can write some information about their campaign to encourage their followers to purchase. Client can then share their campain on social networks and other means. 

I'm sure their are alot of others things that would be awesome to include. just wanted to get the idea on the voting system. 




By pete on 26 August 2014 Implemented!

Import / Export

We DESPIRTLY need the ability to EXPORT ALL PRODUCTS in a file format that can be manipulated and IMPORTED back into the system.

I have several hundred products that cannot, and do not require the use of Decos design platform for any reason. Designs and/or products that are created by a third party vendor and simply added to my store FOR SALE ONLY.

I simply want the ability to manager this aspect of my business using Decos extremly robost and well designed Business Hub. :)



By William Cannon on 12 March 2015 Submitted

Shipping calculator on cart page

Let people enter just their country, city, and zip code to view estimated shipping charges right on the cart page.


By Sara on 24 September 2014 Submitted

Free Shipping Threshold/Ticker

Available on other ecomm platforms, would love to be able to have a running total of what a customer has in their cart display against a free shipping threshold (ie, 'just $14.27 more to qualify for free shipping' )

By Adam on 27 August 2014 Implemented!

Using the designer on a mobile device

On a mobile phone, when you get to the designer part, there should be a message popping up saying that "It's a lot easier to use the designer on a larger screen, would you like us to email you a reminder to try it later?" Then it would captures the email one way or another and present the opportunity to send a reminder email to re-engage that person.

I would consider this idea as a decent compromise and would love to see it implemented on the interim until the whole redesign is available.
And even then, it is hard to design a shirt on a phone.  [it's a copycat of what I've seen on another site but it would work brilliantly]




**** Implemented in v8 !!!

By Eva on 28 October 2015 Implemented!

Need better filtering options for end users (i.e. by brand or price range)

My new DecoNetwork website is great but is missing a major component.  End users want to seach by brand and to filter by price range (low $ to high $). 

With the current backend system, the only way to allow end users to search by brand (i.e. Anvil, Next Level, etc) is if I manually go into my backend system and individually categorize each sku one-by-one.  I have over 4,000 skus on my site and absolutely do not have the time to set that up, nor to manage it if new products are added.

Also, there is currently no ability to let end users sort results by price range.


By Jenna Banks on 27 January 2015 Implemented!

Ability to select fonts for Team Names and Numbers

It would be nice to limit the fonts available for team names and numbers by decoration process. I often outsource transfers for this and most of the big companies have a limited selection of fonts and styles for names and/or numbers. I think this would be most beneficial if you could set this at the decoration level so you could limit the number of fonts for transfers or if you have a name/number screen print system but you could also open up the font availability for DTG or Sublimation processes.

Edit/Addition - It would also be nice to be able to upload new fonts to your online designer, I have several fonts that I have paid for commercial rights to use and it would be great if I could use them in customizable templates.

By Corey Hyde on 08 April 2015 Implemented!

Multiple products for campaigns

I would like to see multiple product options and designs for the campaigns implemented.  It would be great if a fundraising group could sell both a tee and a long sleeve shirt or have the ability to add a bag or a mug to a campaign.

The ability to have multiple designs would be great as well.  Having 1-3 design options as well as multiple products would be beneficial. 



By Nia McAdoo on 02 July 2015 Implemented!

Quotes with Quantity-/ Price Staggering

Hello Everybody!

Last week came the question from our sales department whether it is possible to make Quotes with Quantity-/ Price Staggering.

I thought this is a great idea so I don´t want to keep it for me ;)

I make an Quote with 100 T-Shirts. But the Customer wants to have also offered 200, 400 and 500 T-Shirts. So it would be much easier to have an option to extend the Quote with a Staggering instead of make 4 Quotes. (This is so cumbersome...)


By Philip Pohl on 13 March 2017 Submitted

Urgent need to (at least) allow us to rename & delete Deco installed Designs

Customers searching DecoNetwork Designs (clipart, graphics) are unhappy weary with their search results - even though there are thousands available.

Stores need the ability to at least, rename the design file name (to improve customer search results) and delete undesirable designs.

If DecoNetwork had "World Class Artistic Designs" it would become the leader in Digital Apparel Printing.

Please vote & comment if you agree - this needs prompt attention.



By Don Bullock on 14 May 2015 Submitted

Easy to remember Sign-in

The ability to sig in with Facebook or Google account, this would make it easier to remember and avoid the creation

of several accounts from the same customer do to forgetting their passwords, etc.

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Submitted

Color Eyedropper Tool (needs to be added)

I get designs that are used or uploaded and they want to add lettering or change a color(s) that maybe already used or in another part of the design and they want it to match it. It would be nice to have a Color Eyedropper Tool just like Corel and to use the eye dropper tool to select and change object colors.

By Greg Kwiecien on 17 September 2014 Implemented!