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Customer Account POs

It would be great to have the ability to turn off automated POs by customer account. I know that there was discussion of seperate pricing structures for screenprinting, etc for contract customers which is great, however I need the ability to have automated POs on our system but turn them off for our contract customers. Maybe when you roll out the pricing structure thing, that would be implemented into the decoration process? EX. A contract pricing sheet w/o POs and diff pricing and a retail one w/ POs. Of course those settings are parameters we set.

By Hunter Strine on 16 May 2019 Submitted


Greg Pentland says:

q. so you want to still have po's created.. just not with all other orders..?
By Greg Pentland on 16 May 2019

Hunter Strine says:

Correct. Some customers always supply the goods. Therefore if I have POs always generate, in the customer account it will be auto checked, so we could uncheck POs for that customer forever. I.E- contract customers. It's so easy to forget to uncheck the box.
By Hunter Strine on 09 July 2019