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Customer Merge

Customers forget their passwords all the time. Many of them prefer to just create a new account rather than recovering their password. We need a way to merge those accounts, otherwise searching by customer is much less effective.

Also, perhaps limiting email addresses to one account only, and providing the customer an easy was to open the old account if they try to create a new one with an existing email?

By Carl Schenkenberger on 19 September 2014 Implemented!


Carl Schenkenberger says:

I had a gal trying to re-order a name badge this morning, which should have been simple, but the guy who'd been ordering for their office had created SEVEN different accounts.
By Carl Schenkenberger on 19 September 2014

Ruben says:

Specifically to avoid this problem, I created this other idea http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/store-front/21-easy-to-remember-sign-in What do you think?
By Ruben on 20 September 2014

Sara says:

I've asked for this before. As a work around you can edit the order to use the same customer account as their previous orders and then delete the new account... kind of a pain though.
By Sara on 21 September 2014