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Print Packing Slip BEFORE mark as shipped

I would like the option to print out the packig slip before the order is marked as shipped. This way our shipping team can use the packing slip as a guide when counting and packing the order. As it is, the order must be shipped before this can be printed, which can be troublesome if we are in fact short on an order and the order will not, in fact, ship right away. We currently have to use the worksheet to count and cross out quantities when checking and shipping orders but the packing slip makes most sense to me, and a very clean copy with checked marks on it can be supplied to the customer. 

By Justin Rodriguez on 06 September 2019 Submitted


Brian Kemp says:

We are currently processing the same way. I would take it one step further and allow a whole batch to be printed so that our order packing crew can just separate the orders, pack them and then just update shipping on the computer. Currently, we have to process an order, ship it, print the packing slip, double check the packing slip and then finish packing, I would like to Print off a bunch of packing slips, separate and pack orders completely and update the shipping after the items have been packed and then send off my email to the customer letting them know it is completed. I have had customers come to pickup an order within the time that I had shipped it and the auto email sent, then i finished packing, answered a few questions, customer came to pickup, then I finished it up for them while they waited. Printing the slip first would dramatically increase productivity during this process.
By Brian Kemp on 06 September 2019

Lee Collins says:

Printing the slip AFTER marking the item as shipped is so backward. Please add the ability to print before dispatch - it will make life so much easier!
By Lee Collins on 16 October 2019