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Quick, Simple, Easy "mark as produced/shipped" Options Needed

When you open an order, you get this nifty little headings bar:

Under production, the new version lets us see the overview of the order:

Wouldn't it make soo much more sense to click on the red cross where production, click once to actually mark as produced, then the same for shipping? instead of travelling here there and everywhere within business hub (which has quite a considerable amount lag time).

Even if there was a dialog box that just asked "full shipping?" or "Full production?" and a button to click to go to partial shipping if thats needed, that would save heaps of time.

Ideally, i want to open my order, mark as invoiced, click "produced", click "shipped" and then done, filed, gone, out of sight. Its such a hassle to simply invoice an order.

By Camille Prestwidge on 20 October 2014 Implemented!


Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 7.08 :)
By Greg Pentland on 15 January 2015