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Dedicated Customer/Deco Liaison - aka Deco Updater!


This idea is simple to integrate and takes no coding at all...

The most frustrating thing thing being a client is just not being heard.  I think that goes for any businesses, espcially one with some sort of monthly subsription.  

I, and hopefully other users, would like to have a dedicated person that will go on the message boards and update us with all the many questions we have. ie... when we can expect certain features?.. we dont even need exact dates but we just want to know that these things are being worked on.  Are some of our ideas being implemented? Are they being heard, much less considered? 

When users say things like "is anyone listening?" or "this forum is dead is Deco even around" this person can step in and give users a little bit of comfort instead of feeling so abandoned. 

Yes, we are well aware of the dangers of saying something will be ready on a future date.  We know Deco wants to put out 100% working code and not be held to a due date.  However, saying "something is in the works" then waiting OVER A YEAR for this something is also not acceptable.  I rather now it has been in the works, that it is a year away, or a deadline needs to be pushed back because of X Y Z reasons. 

I have no idea why Deco thinks this kind of sub par customer service doesn't severely hurt there business.  I think many people would leave to inksoft if it weren't for their initiation fees.  But I think it is just a matter of time before the frustration sits in as I have already come close to my own threshold.  If there is a much better option I would have left already... maybe Deco just banks on that very fact - ignore the customers because they know they are one of the better products out there. It's just a matter of time..



By Justin Rodriguez on 21 January 2015 Implemented!


Ruben says:

I couldn't have said it better, at one point I thought we had such a Liaison, but in the past several month he has become a ghost, perhaps we need a new one.
By Ruben on 27 January 2015

Cristofer Cruz says:

DecoNetwork shares as much as possible about known dates. When dates are not not we are not able to share information. A good place for transparent discussions is on the facebook deconetwork usergroup DNUG.
By Cristofer Cruz on 19 May 2020