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Ability to delete design from customer account

We have created some design for the customer in business hub, Lot of those designs havent been approved and therefore I would like the ability to delete those designs to avoid confusion and to keep thisngs clean. I was surprise to see that there is no way to delete those designs. This feature is easy to implement and a necessity.


By Mozi on 03 February 2015 Implemented!


Greg Pentland says:

This has been coded in 7.0.14 :)
By Greg Pentland on 11 May 2015

John says:

Cant wait for this fix.. We have have so many customers with designs on theire account that they dont use any more. now wave have, _ v2_v3_v4_v5, NEW, NEWER, USE THIS ONE, LAST ONE, LAST LAST ONE.. and so on.. cant belive this option isnt already here.... please rush this through.. must be very easy fix.. Thanks
By John on 05 June 2015

John says:

Holy Moly M.. F... Just saw it was in my update to 7.0.14.. Sorry for the post.. This is freaking f. awesome.. saved my day.. Thanks. !!!
By John on 05 June 2015

Rebecca Alumbaugh says:

I still can't do it...:(
By Rebecca Alumbaugh on 09 June 2015

Rylan Grose says:

Same here, am I missing something? Why can I not do this still?
By Rylan Grose on 19 June 2015