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Production by Decoration or Product

Production- It would be nice to be able to see all the products with size and qty that are the same decorated product or design. For instance an affliate store orders 67 individual orders of the same decorated product that are going to be bulk ordered and printed all at once, In production I would want to see a view/production worksheet bulked by design and qtys instead of the individual worksheets generated per order.

By cindy on 17 March 2015 Submitted


Kristine Hamaty says:

Isn't that want Batch Production means? I've never used the feature, though.
By Kristine Hamaty on 23 March 2015

cindy says:

Ya thats what it should mean but that is not what it does. When in this mode it allows the ordered items to be batched for purchase orders. In production there is a separated view of just the batch site but it still lists exactly the same way it does in non-batch mode.
By cindy on 26 March 2015