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Printing of Work Order or Invoice

You should be able to print the work order or the invoice without having to download the PDF file first. 

By Jeff McClure on 21 April 2015 Implemented!


cindy says:

I agree this is super annoying, I found the best way to do it for now is to use the Chrome browser
By cindy on 29 April 2015

Adam Pentland says:

This is interesting to us, but there is no clear view of what this really means, or how it may work. If someone can show us how this is meant to work we'd like to take a look. Cheers Adam Pentland
By Adam Pentland on 21 June 2017

Lloyd Rees says:

Hi Adam what would you like us to show you? maybe I can help? thanks Lloyd
By Lloyd Rees on 06 November 2017

Greg Pentland says:

HI Guys, letting you know this one has been done :)
By Greg Pentland on 15 January 2019