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Order Template Control

Basic idea is to have more control over the functionality of the e-mail/order templates. Currently you can customize the template to LOOK the way you want it to. What I am looking for is the ability to customize the FUNCTIONALITY of them.

Take the order template for instance. Currently it calculates tax on a line-item basis, which in itself isn't terrible. However the SUBTOTAL for the main line items and extra charges also include tax! Then there is no overall order subtotal that the customer (or we) can use, you have to manually subtract the "tax included" from the "Grand Total"

So either Deconetwork needs to make their code snippets (or whatever they are called) such as "order.grand_total" made public so we can see a master list of ones we can use (they would also then have to have ones set-up to calculate the actual subtotals). Or they need to make the detailed coding for these snippets made public so we can edit them to our own uses.


By Rylan Grose on 02 July 2015 Implemented!


Eva says:

I very much agree with this request, the the subtotal, tax(es), shipping and grandtotal should each show separately on the order/invoice. Also, there is no invoice date, which in effect should be the date shipped, when the goods leave the place and everybody that deals with my invoice will look for this. That would be a good start to be able to integrate it later with an accounting software like Quickbooks.
By Eva on 02 July 2015

Mozi says:

It makes sense to me
By Mozi on 13 July 2015

Adam Pentland says:

Done, and variable descriptions contained in separate help articles.
By Adam Pentland on 22 June 2017