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Grouping Products for Package Sale

I would like to submit an idea for voting. It would be really nice if we, on the backend, could package items together into, essentially, "starter kits" or other themed packages so that customers who are wanting a little of a few different items can chose this option and be walked through the steps to add their art, choose their garments, colors, etc. For example, if we wanted to run a "Contractor Package" that targeted contractors, it might have some tees, some polos and some hats- all under one clickable thumbnail. Basically, we chose what they can chose, lump it together and they can chose the color and add in their art. This would involve a lot, I understand- screen printing minimums, embroidery minimums, etc..  However, if we could set the "rules" for each package then that would cause less issues when going to production. Not sure if I'm explaining this great but I hope I'm getting the point across. I'd be happy to clairify anything in question! Thank you for your consideration!

By David Groves on 19 August 2015 Submitted