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Ink change fee in screen printing module

It is very common in screen printing to allow someone to print the same design on another color shirt in a different color ink and just charge an ink change fee to clean the screen. I would like to see an color overide in the deco designer that would calculate this fee and allow people to change the color of a design using the same screen (there currently is a color overide but you cannot actually change the color). I would also like the ability to provide quotes showing the same thing. 

By Corey Hyde on 27 August 2015 Submitted


Mozi says:

This feature is good, but before this, its even more important to have the ability to apply different ink color for the same design on a different color garment. Surprisingly I don't see that posted or I just don't see it. Anyways I will post that as a new idea. Please vote
By Mozi on 30 May 2016