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Better Customer Communication & Production Workflow with more PROCESS options. Awaiting Production, Production Complete, Awaiting Shipping, Shipped

Hi Deco, can we get more production options please?


Heaps of our customers are confused that their order is awaiting processing for 3 days and then gets produced and shipped on the same day.

Proposed Solution:

Can we mark an order as 'Processed', 'Production Complete' and 'Shipped' too? Any change in this area would be great.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 10 November 2015 Implemented!


Greg Pentland says:

We want to create a workflow which you can define with custom rules... This is a really really big job. We are looking at tackling this next year. Im wondering if a short term solution would be expose the ability for you to name the customer facing status of each stage the order is within? Greg
By Greg Pentland on 10 November 2015

Jared Fullinfaw says:

Hi Greg, I don't think that will help.... because it will still be in that 'stage' from the time they place their order to when it is produced/shipped. Even if it is named something like 'currently being worked on' or something... At the moment, when an order is placed, we add it to a google sheets doc and manually send an email to the client. And when we have the stock for it. We move the order into another google sheet and manually send another email. And now we go back to deco and delete the order off the google sheet and download it and print it. This step is quick and the next step shipping is quick. But I have 2 people doing the first step and it's really inefficient.
By Jared Fullinfaw on 11 November 2015

Greg Pentland says:

We have added custom production statuses , which can be defined by the Fulfilment center per process. We have also allowed you to rename the customer facing names of the statuses. Cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 24 January 2019