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Expected Delivery Date - Custom Field Label

In the current system there is not a way to change the field label on the order screen that shows the customer the delivery dates.  Our customers are very confused as they see a "Ship By" date and a "Maximum Delivery Period" date.  Many of our customers assume that the Maximum Delivery Period represents how long it will take them to get their items from the date of order.  Since we have a store pickup option the maximum delivery date shows 0 so our customers think everything will be ready the same day even though the ship by date is a later date.  It would be beneficial if this could be modified to allow for some flexibility with either the content of what goes in those date fields and what the date field label says.

By Dan Raskas on 02 December 2015 Submitted


Dan Raskas says:

As we continue to grow this is becoming a much larger issue. In the past week we have had several customers call cancelling their orders because they thought the delivery days was how long it would take to get their shirt from the order date. Does anyone know if there is a way to custom code this into the system?
By Dan Raskas on 23 May 2016

Eser T says:

I totally agree. People think their custom items are done within the same day with a magic wand and also shipped out the very same day of the order, regardless if there is a weekend or holiday. even we add rush fee where it says "CLEARLY" production time before shipping. Maximum delivery days are confusing. It show show delivery date with mandatory tick box to accept the delivery date.
By Eser T on 31 January 2020