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Show me the Money! Ability to generate Decoration Method Report

Imagine a world where we know exactly how much embroidery, DTG, Screen printing etc business we do!

Nothing in the Web Development world is simple, but we know this data is already being collected so PLEASE allow us to generate reports that give this information!

Thank you so much.

By Patrick Bardsley on 11 December 2015 Submitted


Rylan Grose says:

An easy report would be awesome and I did vote for this. But if you want a round about method in the meantime just go to the production tab, make sure you have "process" visible, select your different methods individually and then click the silver circle in the corner (this will tell you how many line items total there are, hence a rough idea of the number of jobs you do in that method). Make sure you are using the "production complete" tab too. But I 100% agree a report even just telling you what percentage of orders are each method would be awesome, a step further to help all our businesses would be if it could tie in the $ value tied to each method too. (i.e. you do 100 jobs screen-printing for $5000 but you have 80 embroidery jobs for $8000).
By Rylan Grose on 21 December 2015