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New "Afterpay" Payment Gateway Please!

Hi Deco,


We really need to integrate this into our website - can you please help?


By Jared Fullinfaw on 29 January 2016 Submitted


Niki Merrett says:

YES, this would be awesome.
By Niki Merrett on 14 July 2016

Nick Runhaar says:

Please add the Dutch Afterpay!
By Nick Runhaar on 08 May 2017

Stuart Lord says:

Zip Pay or Zip Money is the one we use in-store - https://zippay.com.au/
By Stuart Lord on 26 September 2017

Jamie Farley says:

Definite Yes For Afterpay!
By Jamie Farley on 18 December 2017

Anthony Gaunt says:

Yes After Pay is a must!!
By Anthony Gaunt on 22 February 2018

Zhen Lim says:

This should be a priority considering how big of a market share Afterpay has now.
By Zhen Lim on 11 December 2018

Sargon Temmuz says:

Afterpay is a must, deco must get with the times our other eCommerce platform sales have increased greatly with Afterpay as a payment option. Not to mention https://www.prospa.com they specialise in B2B business.
By Sargon Temmuz on 28 May 2019

GT Sewell says:

We would 100% love to have an After-Pay option!
By GT Sewell on 03 August 2019

Greg Pentland says:

Getting added in 8.502.
By Greg Pentland on 18 September 2019

Mark Kelly says:

Has this been made available yet?
By Mark Kelly on 04 March 2020

jonathan Kauri says:

after 4 years of requests are we anywhere closer to sorting this out?
By jonathan Kauri on 02 June 2020