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Customer Notes.

Right now, if you leave your customer a note via business hub, the note is available to read in the history/notes area. Often times my production staff does not see these notes because they are not going to be looking at each individual order, rather they are looking at the production sheet which does not include these notes. 

I would like any notes pertaining to the order to be printed out with the production sheet as well as visiable on the production area of business hub. 

By pete on 26 August 2014 Implemented!


Sara says:

Yes, definitely display them in the production area. And in the reverse -- the notes presented to the customer are really hard to read in the side bar of the 'view as customer' display.
By Sara on 26 August 2014

Meryl says:

If there could be some kind of indicator of a new "note" from the customer. I get them in my email, but my staff does not know about them unless I personally show them
By Meryl on 26 August 2014

Sara says:

I like the note indicator. Meryl -- It's possible to have other deco users receive copies of the emails too. I'm not exactly sure how this is set up, maybe making their account a manager or something.
By Sara on 27 August 2014

Brenden Prazner says:

This idea has been accepted!
By Brenden Prazner on 07 September 2014

Greg Kwiecien says:

I get notes from customers in my abandoned carts that we are not informed of and they we lost the sail by the time we notice it, unless we check all of them daily, this would take a lot of time if you get a lot of traffic with many stores.
By Greg Kwiecien on 15 September 2014

Brenden Prazner says:

Implemented! Customer notes are now visible in the Production tab in Business Hub!
By Brenden Prazner on 16 September 2014