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Grouped contacts

In B2B it's common to have multiple contacts / buyers in a business.

At present Deco doesn't allow for the grouping of individual contacts under the umbrella of a company with shared designs / histories etc.

It's time to resolve that for the companies who work in B2B rather than retail .............

By Richard Mattinson on 26 February 2016 Implemented!


Bill says:

If Richard means that one customer business has multiple contacts, and we need the ability to sell to each of those contacts - and thus would have ONE business customer with multiple contacts and/or ship-to addresses - I agree!
By Bill on 01 March 2018

Travis Tollefsen says:

This really needs to be addressed. As a contract printer it is very common for me to have several sales people that I sell to at "Company XYZ". I need it to be were each one of XYZ's sales people can have there own login to track and work on their orders, but all of the billing is sent to one person in their accounting department. The way it is right now is very cumbersome and gets my clients accounting department confused resulting in late or missed payments. I know I can create a separate contact for each sales person, but then I am having to run several monthly statements for company XYZ instead of just one. In result it makes it look like my company is not organized or professional. Sooner rather than later would be preferred.
By Travis Tollefsen on 14 September 2018

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.5 :)
By Greg Pentland on 23 June 2019