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Extra area after artwork is approved

Dear Deco,

When the artwork dept. sends out an artwork for approval and the apporval is being accepted by the customer it moves right into production.

But the problem is that our Artwork Dept. needs to make the necessary films/artwork for our production team and since the orders are now automaticcly moved into production they now can't keep track which orders needs films and which orders already has been made ready for our production team.

So we miss 1 step and it should be like this :

1. Send out Artwork Approval 
2. Artwork becomes approvade --> moved to Artwork Approved 
3. Artwork Dept. looks into this Tab and makes the order ready for production team and checks "Films/Artwork ready for production team" (or something like this).

Please VOTE!!!

By Jelle van der Mijl on 14 January 2017 Submitted