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Dynamic product

We deal with hundreds of catalogs/products that are not available in deconetworks catalog and will probably never be such as Dickies, Adidas, badger, high 4, cherookee scrobs and more. Adding all those products in Deco is not a practical option. The only practial solution that Deco provides us to quote for those product without having to spend a lot of time with setup is Free form product. The problem with this option is that we still have to calculate markups based on tiered based costs, then calculate discounts based on qty and then add embellishing charges. Having to calculate the price this way is very inefficient, especially knowing that all this information is already available in my deco settings and I am not able to take advantage of that.

To combat this issue I suggest a Dynamic product. To create a dynamic product, load any preconfigured product in business hub then have an optionb  to mark that product as a Dynamic product (see attached image) which will enable us to make following changes to the product on fly.

1. rename style number and product desc
2. edit colors if needed
3. edit sizes if needed
4. most importantly allow us to edit product cost whcih will be used to calculalate new sale price of the product based on our markups
5. option to disable default image of the product.
6. option to save this new product to be used later if needed.

Luckily I had a chance to discuss this feature with Brenden at the ISS show in Longbeach and received a very positive response from him. The fact that him and Chris acknoledged that this seems like very useful feature makes me happy and hopeful that it will be taken seriously.

Thanks for your vote


By Mozi on 29 January 2017 Submitted