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Available capacity of production (Additional Module)

Hello Everybody,

it would be really great if we could have a additional module that connected with the Business Hub and shows us the available capacity of the production.

It could look like this:
Whenever we get an order the module takes order-number and due date. All orders are listed according to the due date.
-> It should look like a calendar (weekly planner).
 Now we can see that the order X must be produced on Monday and Tuesday, because the due date is set on Wednesday.

The sales department and the production manager see next week we have X orders in production and we are fully occupied, so we can't accept a short-term order or we need to move the delivery date.
Or we see for the week after next we are half the week occupied and we could produce X more orders.

This would make the production management much easier!


By Philip Pohl on 07 March 2017 Submitted


Andrew Dark says:

Would be nice to put an estimated production duration time for the job so you could plan out particular days/weeks.
By Andrew Dark on 13 June 2018