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Control over Notification Emails please

Through business hub, we processed tons of orders, tons of quotes and host over 1000 new stores. We receive so much unwanted Deconetwork email that is essentially spam.

1.Affiliate sign up email (not wanted) 2.Order paid email (not wanted) 3.New order email (not wanted) 4.Quote requested email (not wanted) 5.Quote approved email (not wanted) 6. note from customer email - wanted! 7.quote rejected email - wanted! 8.deposit paid email (not wanted) 9.payment made email (not wanted) 10.paid in full email (not wanted)

 I would only find 2 out of 10 of these emails useful the rest are annoying and clog up my emails. Please allow us to control which notifications we choose to receive via email.

PLEASE VOTE  !!  smiling w/ sunglasses

By Campbell Fleming on 31 May 2017 Implemented!


mike barlow says:

Totally agree with you, each person in the area only needs to see what they need to see, it can get very confusing !!
By mike barlow on 30 June 2017

Andrew Dark says:

100% Agree. Some of the emails are actually useful but as they are only identified by order number or artwork approval number its hard to see what the email is about without digging into it and clicking the link. I've tried changing the subject field to include the sales persons name/job title (using liquid variables) to make it easier to distinguish which emails are important for each person. Unfortunately you CAN'T do this for many of the notfications. Please Deco!! Add in all notification emails to the admin so we can control and customise everything. All the time that Deconetwork saves me vs our old system is now spent checking emails to see if they are important and then deleting 99% of them. I see Deco Spam in my nightmares!!
By Andrew Dark on 13 June 2018

Greg Pentland says:

Hi, We are looking at adding this in 8.010 :) Cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 22 January 2019