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-= Please vote=- Please add multiple contacts within one company

In today's businesses this should be standard. Within a company contact I should be able to add multiple contacts. We are primarily contract decorators and it is extremely common for us to do contract work for "Company XYZ". Under Company XYZ I have art designer, sales people, managers, accounting people, etc that I need to deal with. It needs to be where each one of XYZ's sales people or other employees can have there own login to track and work on their orders, but all of the billing is sent to their accounting department. The way it is right now is very cumbersome and gets my clients accounting department confused resulting in late or missed payments to me. I know I can create a separate contact for each sales person, but then I am having to run several monthly statements for company XYZ instead of just one. In result it makes my company look like it is not organized or professional. Sooner rather than later would be preferred. Just about every other job management solution can do this with ease.

By Travis Tollefsen on 15 September 2018 Implemented!


Bryan Johnson says:

just went on the forum to put this on. All the feeds that link to xero show the sales contact so i an having a nightmare chasing dept
By Bryan Johnson on 17 September 2018

Richard Mattinson says:

There is an existing request for this, hopefully this time it will happen
By Richard Mattinson on 25 October 2018

Richard Mattinson says:

Needs the ability to keep individual designs by contact, not by main account...........
By Richard Mattinson on 25 October 2018

Martin Burkholder says:

There is a existing request for this that has been in place for over 2 years. Currently it has 60+ votes These two should be merged. https://www.deconetwork.com/ideas/business-hub/666-linking-customers
By Martin Burkholder on 22 May 2019

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.5 :)
By Greg Pentland on 20 June 2019