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Calendar Production View

Calendar Production View - surely one of the most important production management tools. Drag n drop orders to different days to change the production dates.  Calendar view ideal for large screen view in the production area for quick reference to orders due when rather than through a list. 

By Sam Jensen on 29 January 2019 Implemented!


Austin says:

Printavo was doing this when DN was in V5 like 6 years ago. And, that company is just 1 guy. DN has a team of developers, I think day 2 of app development class goes over making an easy calendar scheduleing app. Lets fisher-price this thing guys.
By Austin on 13 March 2019

Victor Marquez says:

The Calendar View is on its way and will feature full production workflow integration, both week and month views, plus tons more. We'll be making an announcement once a release date is set and we'll be creating tutorials on all its features and functions. You can catch the sneak peek video here: https://www.deconetwork.com/blog/deconetwork-sneak-peek-calendar-view/
By Victor Marquez on 23 May 2019

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.5
By Greg Pentland on 23 June 2019