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Blog Feature

A simple blog feature that allows us to create content on site and our readers to comment and share.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014 Implemented!


Christian says:

Great idea
By Christian on 27 December 2014

Mark Holland says:

Not sure if you've seen this update from Deco. http://www.deconetwork.com/forums/general-questions-and-how-tos/4795-blog-or-external-website-content-display-in-deconetwork
By Mark Holland on 13 January 2015

Jared Fullinfaw says:

Hi Mark, We've seen this but we want a blog that 1. Allow our customers to comment on the blog posts 2. Allows them to share the posts on social media etc 3. And still be able to track everything through Google Analytics I was under the impression that this doesn't allow users to comment on the posts? And the data for GA wouldn't be possible to track? Kind regards, Jared
By Jared Fullinfaw on 15 January 2015

Cristofer Cruz says:

No plans for a built-in blog function. DecoNetwork already allows you to embed an externally hosted blog using a reverse proxy which allow it to be seen as part of your site content.
By Cristofer Cruz on 19 May 2020