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Shipping Due Date Clarity Needed

The header text on the shipping options screen during the checkout process currently shows "Select Shipping Method", "Shipping Options", and "Add Instructions".  This has caused much confusion our customers when placing an order related to when the item will ship as it shows under Shpping Options.  It would make it much clearer if the "Shipping Options" heading could be modified to say "Estimated Order Completion" or something like that.

It would also be great if we could add a section on the Confirm Order Information page called Estimated Order Completion containing the same completion date and delivery date estimate as presented on the Shipping Options screen.

Ideally, these could be setup to be editable by us instead of static as currently is the case.

By Dan Raskas on 16 March 2015 Submitted


Tommy says:

Hey DECO, this is a fine suggestion, but if you do make changes PLEASE consider that some customer, like us have spent a tremendous amount of time with JavaScript to make changes to the shopping cart - thank you.
By Tommy on 18 March 2015