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Product Pricing

Can we have the option to display the lowest price possible for each product?  Or display a price range?  Displaying the default minimum (highest possible) price can be a deterrent.

By Will Ozier on 15 April 2015 Implemented!


Daren Wright says:

I have been asking this for ages, you are right it puts people off buying!
By Daren Wright on 10 June 2015

Danny Coffey says:

When is this going to get sorted??? Looking back its been going on far too long and this is quite an easy fix. Come on Deconetwork, listen to your clients. It really isnt helping us when we display the highest price as the price from!!!!
By Danny Coffey on 20 June 2016

Joe Robinson says:

By Joe Robinson on 29 June 2017

Austin says:

There is another idea for this too.... I think it has 20+ votes, so really this has 50-60 votes. One of the most desired things for DN.
By Austin on 07 July 2017


This needs to be added! I don't understand why anyone would want to display their highest price for an item. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on this!
By JON LORTZ on 01 May 2019

Martin Burkholder says:

You should be able to specific a quantity. I.e. $13.00e with a quantity of 100
By Martin Burkholder on 22 May 2019

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.501!
By Greg Pentland on 20 June 2019