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Team Stores

I would like to be able to create basically a bulk order form that a high school team can log in, order, and pay for their specific order and then have a batch order for the period of time the store is "open".  For instance,  I would like to offer the same design over possibly 10 different products.  I would like a user (student/family/fan) to be able to log in and purchase the products that they want to.  I want them to be able to pay.  I then want their individual order tallied into a que for the total order.  In this instance I would open the store for a given period of time and when that time ends it would trigger the batch order.  I would then run the order and deliver to the team.  I would also want total, EASY control over the pricing of the decorated products.  Please help this would be a hit for local high schools.

By Andy Gaerte on 08 May 2015 Implemented!


cindy says:

Yes this is exactly how I currently run affiliate stores and I have to manually close and hide products in the store to close it. The ship dates become problematic because it can't be set to affiliate stores and the bulk processing is a nightmare. I started this idea for that reason http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/business-hub/236-production-by-decoration-or-product
By cindy on 20 May 2015

cindy says:

and this one for shipping http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/store-front/263-production-and-order-pending-times-settings-on-store-level
By cindy on 20 May 2015

Austin says:

This is exactly what needs to be done with campaigns as well.
By Austin on 07 July 2017

Sergio Garofalo says:

This is exactly what we are looking for as well. separate from business hub pricing because stores are buying individually but prices are bulk pricing due to decorating being completed all at once.
By Sergio Garofalo on 27 July 2017

Richard Mattinson says:

Champion systems have store open windows available so orders are collated x times per year rather than just as and when - system works well as a consumer
By Richard Mattinson on 03 January 2019

Martin Burkholder says:

If I am not mistaken I believe this feature already exists.... Websites/ WEBSITENAME / Administration / Production Options In this section you will see selection called "Enable batch production for this site" so you can group them for production.
By Martin Burkholder on 22 May 2019

Cristofer Cruz says:

This was addressed in recent updates. We enhanced the batch production feature and added team store features like turning a store on/off on a schedule.
By Cristofer Cruz on 19 May 2020