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Easily Accessible Stock Design Layout on Designer & Front-End

THE DAY OF THE UGLY CATEGORY TREE DROPDOWN LIST IS OVER!!! How about some styling DN? Maybe help the stock designs stand out a bit so we can sell t-shirts to people who are not professional graphic designers? 99.9% of my clients email me their own designs without even using deconetwork's online designer. WHICH KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF D.N. ALL TOGETHER.  

Im asking 2 things:

1) Display the stock designs clearly and pleasantly and don't hide them in offhand column category trees. Basically reduce the unbearable clickthrough website clients have to endure to personalize a shirt. 

2) Let website owners individually pick the designs they want to allow on their sites without having to add entire 10,000 image collections with a way to freely organize them how they would like.

Here are the issues I'm persoanlly facing. The designs on my website are not displaying on my "designs" page on load! The categories show in the righthand column but why should my customers have to click through multiple category trees in an offhand column until an actual stock design image loads on page. I have it set to display designs immediately on page load but it's not. I'm playing around with different settings trying to get this to happen but no luck yet.

I've paid thousands of dollars for deconetwork subscription fees over the years and have never been able to use this feature properly. I've been missing out on sales because of it too. How can I compete with companies like custom ink when my potential customers can't even find my stock designs easily. My website has had almost 18,000 visitors and only 340 sales. Thats a really REALLY really bad capture rate. It's just disheartening when something that should be so simple is more complicated than it needs to be. 

All we need is a tick box that says "enable stock designs" and a way to filter which ones and where they display on the site.

I have the same issue in the designer when it loads I want it to immediately show my potential clients the stock designs in a clear and presentable way, and logged in clients could also see their previously used designs for reordering. The categorie tree dropdown list is just too discrete and ugly. I feel like people are just buzzing passed the designs without realizing they exist or giving up on the whole entire process all together out of frustration. Let's face it, most people don't know how to design for themselves. Lets make a simpler solution for all of this!

If I go to customink.com I can, literally, make 2 clicks and see beautiful design templates on garments ready to start customizing immediately. Do you know how many thousands of dollars this would bring to our businesses if we could easily implement something like this??? I'm considering doing substantial work and spending lots of money on new stock designs for my site. But, why would I pour money into something that my clients can't even find?

By Austin Martin on 04 November 2015 Submitted