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Set price on decorated products

OK, we've raised this one before & it went nowhere so lets try again .............

When creating decorated products need option to overwrite / set a retail price which is different from the calculated price as per pricing tables etc.

We also need the ability to tick a box on any decorated product which activates "ignore discounts"

This way we can have a true retail environment where you "walk" in to a shop, see something & buy it at the price the retailer want to set on it.

By Richard Mattinson on 19 November 2015 Implemented!


John says:

Thanks Richard..- this is needed.-
By John on 19 November 2015

Website Admin says:

We have been tearing our hair out for days trying to work out how to handle this without any real solution. Our vote is not just a click it's a plea on bended knee...
By Website Admin on 19 November 2015

Barry Carter says:

Solution; Step 1) Create and name your own unique pricing table(s) with a ZERO $ VALUE. You will need a pricing table with a zero value for every "process" assigned to your decorated product. Step 2) "Copy" the style you want to use for your decorated product and reconfigure the decoration areas to suit the "Processes" of your "Decorated Product". Step 3) While configuring, Override the Supplier price and markup. Found under "Price" by turning off the default setting. Put whatever price you want to sell it for in the cell on the right. Step 4) For the decoration pricing, select, "Use custom decoration pricing (Advanced)" Then select "Use Advanced Pricing" (lower left of window pane).Turn off the default radio buttons and select from the drop down menus your custom configured pricing table(s) you created with a zero value. This action will ZERO the decoration costs and set your "Customer Price" to the amount you entered.above. Now you can use this style on your site with the price as you set it.
By Barry Carter on 25 November 2015

Barry Carter says:

In regards to discount. When Configuring your copied style. Price>Volume Discount>Discount Table>NO DISCOUNT>Save
By Barry Carter on 26 November 2015