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Temporarily out of stock

It would be great if the customer can  see if item is temporarily out of stock before they start to design it.  One great solution would be if the .png file can be place over the product witch is out of stock

For simpler explanation i make Photoshop photo. You can see it HERE.

By Sandi on 04 January 2016 Discussion Required


Adam Pentland says:

Interesting idea. Do you propose the inventory level comes from the fulfillment center's inventory level or the supplier's warehouse? How should we handle this if the fulfillment center does not have live ordering enabled? How should we handle this if the fulfillment center does not have inventory enabled for their products?
By Adam Pentland on 22 June 2017

Austin says:

As a fulfillment center I think you should have an option to enable/disable on a store-2-store level. Either that store wants to have an extended turn-around and offer their clients more products or they can choose the quicker turn around for "in-stock" items that the fulfillment center keeps on-hand. The trade off being that the fulfillment center will most likely carry limited style/colors/sizes. Obviously not all shops/fulfillment centers carry inventory, If that is the case, then the store should not have an option to select and be forced to wait the normal amount of time for production/shipping. I also think the store should be able to access a full account of what the fulfillment center has on hand at any given time a "live view", if you will. This will allow them to pick their products accordingly.
By Austin on 07 July 2017

Sandi says:

What if customer can also see your current stock of items on the product page? Maybe this will encourage them to buy item quicker so store dont run out of stock of this items before they made there mind? Current sistem is not the best because a lot of customer already customise product and when dey want to add it in the cart they canot do it. They they call us and ask what they did it wrong and why they must do the same work on other product one more time. I also agree whit Austin. He has a point.
By Sandi on 28 August 2017