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Third Party Themes

It would be awesome if we could use themes the way Joomla or Wordpress uses them. For instance www.themeforest.com could provide us with thousands of themes if they could work into the deco platform easier. 

By pete on 26 August 2014 Submitted


Adam says:

Themes for DecoNetwork would have to be coded specifically for this platform. After they 'rebuild the front-end', I hope to see a Deco theme 'marketplace' added that would allow designers to submit their themes to Deco for approval/compatibility testing and once approved, made available for store owners to purchase.
By Adam on 26 August 2014

Kristine Hamaty says:

That's a great idea, Adam!
By Kristine Hamaty on 27 August 2014

Riley Murphy says:

I would love to be able to save templates. I realize that you can clone a store which mimics the function of a template, but it would be awesome to have an open source platform where deconet users can share custom templates. I would also advocate for a platform to sell deconet templates, maybe deconet could take a commission.
By Riley Murphy on 23 August 2019