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More Innovative Coupon Options

The current system of coupons while serving well for what it is, leaves many stones unturned in the quest for sales.

Additional options for awarding coupons would provide more opportunities to upsell the customer via for example exit intent or on page action popups.

Coupons such as "by one and get another one X% offf" or "buy another one and get a free XXX" or "Place another order before XXX date and get XXX reward" would be useful in the never ending quest to increase conversion rates. The ideas for coupons are almost limitless, but should all be aimed at either increasing sale profit, increasing conversion, increasing repeat sale etc etc etc, just offering a coupon discount off a purchase is no longer enough to compete in the on-line space.

By Website Admin on 16 March 2016 Submitted


Daren Wright says:

I totally agree I have tried to use deco for my school sales but think i will try other software this year, who i used to use, who offer a really good upsell package which is a must for your peak times, but you cant beat deco for the production bit. Perhaps they are going to add better upsell options at some point!!!!
By Daren Wright on 17 March 2016