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Prices From

I know we've been banging on about this for about 4 years - but there's nothing happening & now I can't find the thread, can't see the idea...... etc etc etc.

So lets ramp the thing up & get some action furious

WE NEED the prices from that appear on websites to show the lowest price, not the highest furious "from" - the clues all there for the English speaking world that Deco lives & breathes in.........

Now as much as it'd be nice to show the lowest price, this might also lead to some issues, so as discussed lets have the price range shown!

Prices from £28 furious

Prices from £14 confused

Prices from £14-£28 smiling w/ heart eyes

You want us to sell product, We all want to sell product.......... Pull yer finger out & get it fixed!!!

By Richard Mattinson on 09 March 2017 Implemented!


Austin says:

Yes! Agreed. This should be priority #1 behind mobile responsiveness. Screen printing is a highly competitive market. Even for relatively small orders we actually have to participate in a bidding process between our local competitors. Our phone rings several times a day with the line "how much do you charge per shirt" or "what's you best price for X amount of shirts." Most customers just shop solely on price and don't want to have to lay out their entire design to see our "best pricing" for their order. I often follow up with "how many colors in your design, light colored ink or dark colored(white base), 1 sided or two sided, how many shirts?" By the time I spew all of those questions at them they've already moved on mentally because it sounds complicated. I think having the best possible pricing displayed or our average volume pricing or a range of price like the OP suggested, would save us a lot of time dealing with bottom liner's each day. It would also serve as a draw-in to the designer for them and maybe nudge them to simply and eliminate unnecessary design colors, to get the price closer to the cheapest option. This would make our jobs easier from a screen printers standpoint. Less screens, less ink flashing, less high priced blended fabric to deal with. Our bread and butter is a light colored garments with dark colored prints. We can print thousands a day without breaking a sweat. Plus the customer is happy because A) quick turnaround & B) More profit margin. It would also save office admin from having to answer the same questions all day. Also, while we're on the subject, displaying qty price breaks within the designer would be a huge help with upselling. I have people all the time put orders in for 97 pieces and don't realize that if they had just ordered 3 more they would save $.20/ea. Basically awarding them more shirts for less money.
By Austin on 09 March 2017

Blake Ergle says:

Agreed! This just seems backwards since every other eccomerce site shows pricing from the lowest to highest. Or even let us decide if we want to display lowest to highest or highest to lowest. We have a lot of customers bounce before they even get to the designer and see actual pricing. It's only when the customer takes the time to reach out is when we can land a screen printing job. Let's fix this please.
By Blake Ergle on 01 April 2019

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.501
By Greg Pentland on 20 June 2019