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<<<< PLEASE VOTE >>>>> Adding more colors and styles for same design in the designer tool which will make customers buy a lot more items ( Combine products with same design to get a discount )

Adding this feature will get us a lot more sales, please read below :

We have been getting lots of complaints from customers about how to add different apparel colors and different style for the same design while they are in the designer tool, Combine products with the same design to get a quantity discounts , that will solve a huge problem and drive customers to buy a lot more items and colors .

So for example: if someone wants the same design but in different color T-shirts, they also want the same design in hoodies and different color hoodies... etc, in the current system it's super complicated to get it done.  we do need an easy way from the designer tool. attached an image from custom ink, you can also go to custom ink designer lab https://www.customink.com/ndx/#/   and click on product colors on the left and you will see how easy you can add more styles and colors.

NOTE: Adding this feature will make the customer buy a lot more as everyone needs the same design in multiple shirt color ad multiple styles.  


By Sam on 06 August 2019 Submitted


Ali says:

Yes, that's a great idea. Also, if the graphic is the same then prices fall under the total quantity ordered. Instead of line quantity price. Example: 12 x $10/each (White tee / black ink front only) say "A" 12 x $10/each (Yellow tee/ black ink front only) say "A" as well Then 24 x $9/each (Since both say "A" in front)
By Ali on 17 August 2019