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Patterns in color swatches

Hi All !! PLEASE PLEASE vote for this one:

We need ability to load up different PATTERNS in the color swatches  in online designer:  So that customers can create, for example, zebra print TEAM NAME AND NUMBER  or polka dot or flower pattern TEXT. etc..

 Having the ability to "fill" text/ image color with a pattern would make the designer more versatile and if anything  bring in more business, especially if your customers are teams/ schools, etc..

Thanks!! thumbs up


You can put the patterns on their own palette and category and place it  in the same little window where the color swatch and color slider are currently.

By mb on 05 June 2015 Submitted


Ruben says:

I have similar idea request here http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/online-designer/40-pattern-generator I have been told that it will be available in the coming new designer, let's hope it will make it.
By Ruben on 07 June 2015

mb says:

That would be awesome! Do you know when the new designer will be available?
By mb on 08 June 2015

Ruben says:

Is hard to say, perhaps in the last quarter of 2015 or first quarter of 2016... just shooting in the dark.
By Ruben on 08 June 2015