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Printing Upcharges based on product (eg vinyl, metallic vinyl, glitter vinyl)

Our store uses three different types of printing methods...vinyl, metallic vinyl, and glitter vinyl.  The metallic and glitter are more expensive products.  In order for us to charge $3.00 more for metallicvinyl and $5 more for glitter vinyl we had to set them up as if they were screen printing methods.  It's confusing for the customers and for our production department because when we print the production order form the color is not specified.  We have to visually look at the order and determine if it's metallic or glitter.

It would be nice if we could set the price per color.

Any assistance you could provide in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Denise Hayes/Customglamgirl







By Greg Hayes on 11 November 2015 Submitted


Richard Mattinson says:

I believe this was agreed already as part of the vinyl process enhancement agreed? It was certainly proposed!
By Richard Mattinson on 19 November 2015

Richard White says:

I don't know how to cope with speciality vinyl other than setting up (and managing) separate decorated products, but that doesn't work for online customer specific products. We offer products like Glitter, 3D and Reflective vinyl, but only to people in store. If a colour palette could have a surcharge associated with it that is a flat fee or a percent uplift on the basic product default that would probably work for us.
By Richard White on 02 July 2017

Mozi says:

We kind of have a similar situation but I was thinking a different approach to solve this issue. We already have the ability to create multiple price table for same design type. So why not create different price table for different materials Example "Glitter", "Reflective",etc... and Deco can give us access to these tables on the front end
By Mozi on 30 March 2018