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Realistic Printing

Many other designers on the market allow users to upload images that look realistic on the t-shirt.  That means that we can see the seams and/or wrinkles of the fabric behind the design, instead of just a design overlay.  This would be really useful to help the users pre-sell their t-shirts.

By Adam Berkenpas on 14 September 2016 Discussion Required


Adam Pentland says:

I can't think of any decoration processes that work across seams or the like. Can you explain how this should work? Or give a specific example of a designer that's doing this? Otherwise, we need to be applying alpha channels to user uploaded images (ruining their color) or apply seams back over the top of the uploaded images (ruining the design), if they fell across seams, which as far as I know they don't as it messes up the machines doing the decorating.
By Adam Pentland on 22 June 2017

Sara says:

Just a 'multiply' transparency for the product mask would be nice!
By Sara on 28 March 2018

Cristofer Cruz says:

Because DecoNetwork does not flatten designed items (in order to allow editing and designer functionally) this blending would need to happen in the browser. There are some CSS rules that would make this feasible however they are not quite yet supported across all browsers. This might become more likely once these CSS rules are finalized and more widely supported.
By Cristofer Cruz on 16 August 2018

Devin says:

For example, Sanmar's virtual sample tool will allow you to place artwork on photos that have a model wearing the shirt. The art is edited to match the contours and shading of the garment instead of being a flat image over the shirt with is clearly a photo. The effect is very subtle but incredibly effective for virtual samples.
By Devin on 24 October 2019

Jared Fullinfaw says:

Similar to what the placeit app does when you upload a design to their tees
By Jared Fullinfaw on 01 May 2020