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Define Screen Printed Colors Automatically

Currently we rely on our customers to select the correct number of colors. It would be nice to have the upload process define the number of colors Automaticlly.

By Dean Carson on 29 August 2014 Implemented!


Brenden Prazner says:

This idea is accepted.
By Brenden Prazner on 31 August 2014

Nabil Ahmed Khatri says:

By Nabil Ahmed Khatri on 01 September 2014

Power Grafx, Inc. says:

How long might it be for this plan to take effect? Because I think it's exactly what we need.
By Power Grafx, Inc. on 23 January 2015

Alan Do says:

Any updates on how much longer it'll take to implement this idea?
By Alan Do on 10 January 2016

Greg Pentland says:

Letting you know guys this feature is implemented in version 7.5 :)
By Greg Pentland on 23 April 2017