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Customer uses designer to submit quote...

I would like to see the designer setup without forcing the customer to make make a purchase and submit payment right them.  

so that the customer can create or upload the artwork,  select garment sizes, colors, quantities etc.  and then when they're done just have a button to "submit quote for review" at which point the order would be in our quote are of the business hub for us to review, offer suggestions/changes or just let the customer know that it is ready to move to payment.   

I feel like this feature should already be here,  the majority of customers need a little bit of hand holding to move forward and this would help keep customers from being scared away by having to pay before they reallly know what's going on. 



By Sarah O'Brennan on 22 May 2017 Implemented!


Campbell Fleming says:

Yes I agree. The quoting system needs to handle multiple product lines, just like the designer. Such an easy fix! Quoting is such an integral part of any business
By Campbell Fleming on 31 May 2017

Greg Pentland says:

in 8.5 you will be able to flip a whole site into quote mode. How do you see a website working where some products are quote and some a pay for..? Also , do you see it working where teh user can choose to checkout or get quote .. even when they have seen teh actual prices..? Greg
By Greg Pentland on 23 January 2019

Marco Gonzalez says:

Wow, new account here. This was submitted back in May of 2017. Seems like something that makes sense but not yet implemented and not even commented on by Deco's staff. Disappointed new customer.
By Marco Gonzalez on 01 March 2019

forrest wedmore says:

I very much agree that this needs to be implemented. We are hesitant to accept payment until we have time to vet the customer and approve the garment/print compatibility.
By forrest wedmore on 03 April 2019

Greg Pentland says:

This one is available in 8.5. You can set a store to quote only mode and the designer submits a quote request.
By Greg Pentland on 12 August 2019