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Adding a color picker

I would like the team ad decontwork to add a color picker instead of the color slider....Dye-sublimation gives us the option of every color combination available. A color picker makes it simple for our customers to match they color they desire...The slider is a constant guessing game whereas acolor picker is an exact science for my customers...This is about my customers....Please vote on this so Deco-Network will move this to the top of their list.. 

By Tony Cooper on 02 November 2014 Implemented!


Sara says:

I guess I use the picker/eyedrop in another program and then type the value into the slider. So, I like this idea as long as we can still type RGB values in.
By Sara on 06 November 2014

Greg Kwiecien says:

I think I have already requested this: http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/online-designer/104-color-eyedropper-tool-needs-to-be-added
By Greg Kwiecien on 07 November 2014