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Improved Sorting of Products, Decorated Products, Designs

Our shop has 100's of products, 100's of decorated products and 100's of custom designs.  

The current implemenation displays these products / designs in pages.  If I want to move a product from page 10 to page 3, I have to either move it page by page 10 to 9 to 8, etc... or move to top page 1 and then move to 2, then to 3.  

This is very time consuming, particularly when moving many products / designs.

Please improve the ability to sort and move products & designs within our shops.  An interface that I think is simple and easy to re-organize is Netflix.  I can easily move movies in my queue from 50 to 15 with one click.

Generally need improved ability to rearrange products / designs within store.  This should be uniformly applied to all locations that provide sorting.  I only listed to the two that are most commonly an issue.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014 Implemented!


Kevin says:

I think the same should be said for the product library, currently we have over 1800+ products in total and even filtering some of those down we still have hundreds of products in sub catagories
By Kevin on 06 November 2014

Kimberly says:

Great improvement in sorting by Product, but why isn't that a re-usable asset and applied to other areas that need sorting? Like Decorated Products? Please extend the improved sorting function to Decorated Products.
By Kimberly on 25 May 2016

Cristofer Cruz says:

Hi Kimberly, the improved sorting we introduced for blank products has been reused for other parts of the system where sorting is an option on 7.5
By Cristofer Cruz on 03 February 2017